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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Glue in Network Marketing and MLM are EVENTS

Events are the Glue...also they are one the 3 vital signs when checking the "health" of your business. It's great that you have yourself signed up for an event like convention , but the real question is - how many on your team are signed up to get to convention?

I understand some of the challenges we all face when talking to our teams about going to events such as;

- But I don't have any money (exactly why they should go)
- But I can't get the time off (exactly why they should go)
- But I don't have anyone on my team (exactly why they should go)
- But I don't need a pep rally, I need to know how to DO the business (maybe you do need a pep rally because most folks in Network Marketing get the "How to's" their first few weeks in the business and still haven't sponsored anyone!)

How do I get my team signed up for the events, you may ask?

Call each team member and be sure they are going to the local trainings in your area. The leaders in front of the room should be talking about the event. Get them on the National Calls - I GAURANTEE you they are talking about the National events. Let the leaders do the work instead of you trying to do it all - that's the purpose of edification and the system.

You can also call each team member and ask if they are signed up for the event yet. If they say "no", ask them if they plan on attending a "life-changing" event for themselves and their family and ask if they really wanted that "WHY" (dream, goal or thing) that they told you about when they got started in the business. If they say "Yes". Be in front of your computer and let them know you can get them signed up right then - all you will need is a little info. Do not rely on them to sign themselves up (that's why the have not done it yet). Most people will stand in the way of their own success. You need to be the catalyst to move them out of their way. Sign them up right there on the spot on your computer.

You can also go by their house. I will never forget when I got started in my first Network Marketing company and I did not want to go the convention. My sponsor came over to my house and suggested we do it right then (the ticket was over $1000 to fly there!). I couldn't say No and I ended up going and it made the difference for me between quitting (if I had not gone) and becoming financially free from my job within a year (which happened!).

Don't leave it to chance folks. Get them out of their own way and get them signed up on the spot. You will be glad you did and so will they. And you won't be left saying at the event "This event is so life-changing I wish I tried harder with the others who didn't make it".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learn How Holton Buggs Tracks His Numbers

Tracking Your Success in Network Marketing is paramount to having no success, some success or MASSIVE success.

What numbers should you track?

1. How many times You and Your team are sharing the plan and products on a weekly basis? It is recommended that you share the plan and products no less than 4 times per week.

2. Tool flow through your business - are the you using tools to duplicate? If not, You need to immediately. If you are, you need to track how many of the tools are flowing through your team.

3. Are you and your team at each function? That includes the weekly Briefing at a hotel of conference center and each weekly training and each National event.

Tracking the numbers will allow you to have accountability for the actions you take or do not take. Tracking numbers is not required but you will not get the success you desire – I liken it to trying to drive your car with the gauges covered;

• You have no idea how fast or SLOW you are going
• You have no idea if you are going to run out of gas
• You have no idea if your car stops – what the problem is or how to get it running again (the business is not working for you and you have no idea why or even what to do next)
• You have no idea if your car (or business) is healthy or not
• In other words – YOU HAVE NO CLUE what to do, how to do it, how to get unstuck (if stuck) and if what you are doing is even effective.

Tracking numbers is not meant to make you feel bad or good or anything of the sort. It is meant for you to learn how to plan, take action and get results – AND THEN KNOW WHY YOU ARE WINNING AND YOU CAN GET BIGGER and BETTER RESULTS.

If you do not know why you are winning – you will not continue to win

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Why Do You Say YES - When You don't Want To?!

Dr. Cialdini is the expert and scholar regarding Influence and knows exactly why people say YES even when they think NO!

That level of Influence is what it takes to get what you desire in life - PERIOD! Use it ethically and use the skills properly and you will get what you want and move people in the direction you desire. Is this good for Network Marketers - YES....Is is it good for Internet Marketing - YES.....Is it good for relationships - absolutely!

Check out Dr Cialdini's info and here is an excerpt "(Cialdini) introduces simple but remarkably powerful techniques for moving people in your direction. In addition to introducing a variety of effective persuasion strategies, they also discuss the types of things to watch out for to help you resist both subtle and overt influences on your decision making." Go to the site and check out the new book - CLICK HERE!

Jerry Clark also interviews Cialdini in his Magic of Influence Series - This is one of the best compilations for Networkers to learn about influence specifically directed towards the Network Marketing Industry.

Click the Link Below to find Out More Info about Influence;
click me

Thursday, March 6, 2008

WallStreet Investment Banker Blasts MLM

WallStreet vs MLM - 2 opposite ends of the spectrum, but are they? Hear from an Investment Banker that actually attended a 3kmg Network Marketing Training.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MASSIVE Network Marketing Event Revealed a SECRET...

OVER 800 showed up for 2 events on the west coast this past week. How can you pack the rooms out with over 800 people and not 1 single person came from a lead?

There-in is the Secret that everyone is looking to find out. Network Marketing Training is of primary importance and Network Marketing Leads are not the answer....See for yourself below.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Networker Releases Tool That Made Them A Millionaire

FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER - Finally the How to Turn Your Network Marketing Business Into a Cash Cow CD set is available to All Networkers. These CD's are a culmination of 15 years of information that have allowed my wife and I to become Millionaires. Until now this information was exclusively for my team only.

After several of the folks who heard these CD's went on to become Financially Independent with limited or no experience in Network Marketing I am now compelled to release this information to the world.

I know you will enjoy the CD's as much as tens of thousands of people have. And most importantly you will be able to get the results you desire in your Network Marketing Business.


Monday, December 24, 2007

2008 Is Going to be a Big Year!

2008 is going to be a big year - but don't forget about 2007, it's not over yet.

You can still get people started and collect names and numbers during the rest of 2007. Also during a little quiet down time (maybe after you've eaten enough stuffing and can't move) be sure you set your goals for the New Year.

I am excited about what 2008 holds for all of us. Go after your dreams now and into 2008, Merry Christmas to you all & we look forward to working with each of you.